About us

About 99 Trials


99 Trials Association is a group dedicated to a love of motorcycle trials, to maintaining riding areas and access to these areas, and to liaising with local governments, the BC provincial government, and local stakeholder groups that also enjoy and maintain the trail network within the Sea to Sky corridor. You can check out some of the Corridor's riding areas on Trailforks.


Rider Code of Conduct


  • Riding is discouraged in restricted areas, any areas that are marked as closed (e.g., areas of active logging), and environmentally sensitive areas (such as streams and swamps).
  • Riders should always be accomodating in their conduct towards all other trail users, and should always yield to non-motorized trail users (such as hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, etc.). Also, remember that the uphill rider has the right of way.
  • Speeding, wheel spinning, and revving engines should not be done in parking / staging areas.  Remember that many of our parking / staging areas are in residential neighbourhoods, and we want to be good neighbours.
  • Wheel spinning on trails tears up the trails and the 99 Trials discourages this kind of riding.
  • Riders should minimize the use of popular mountain bike and hiking trails during periods of expected high use by either of these groups.
  • Finally, please help to maintain the trails you use... a folding pruning saw is a pretty handy tool to carry in your pack!